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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Wanna See You

Last Monday, we started our Ladies Bible Study at church. We are doing another Beth Moore study (yay!) She is such a wonderful teacher. This study is called "Here and Now, There and Then." It is a study on Revelation, and I am so anxious to see what God reveals to us. Speaking of that....Beth encouraged us to pray daily that God reveal Himself to us, and then to journal what it was. On my way home, I saw the most gorgeous sunset. I thought isn't that just like God! "Ask and it shall be given unto you..."

There have been other things that He has revealed to me over the last week, one of those was through my husband. We have been praying over the decision to buy a farm that we are already leasing. Some of the pictures I have posted on here have been from that farm. It is a beautiful place, and of course we both love farming. We love the land and any opportunity to enjoy God's creation. We take so much pleasure in seeing His beauty displayed before us. This was a difficult decision for many reasons. The man who owns the farm is a long time family friend, and we knew he wanted to sell to someone who would love it as much as he does. He had inherited the farm, so it is quite special to him.

Secondly, we are saddened when we pass old farmsteads that are abandoned due to death or misfortune. We both grieve a little when we see these beautiful places and think of the lives that once graced that property. I think we think of George's dad and how hard he worked to buy this place that we live on. His own father wouldn't loan him the money, but an uncle did, and in no time he had him paid back. He is always telling us, "Everything I have was given to me by the grace of the Good Lord." ~One of the reasons our farm is named "Beyond Blessed Farm"~

And, on the flip side, it was a hard decision because we knew that it was next to impossible for us to afford. We knew, that if it were God's will, that wouldn't matter, but we want to be cautious and not go in debt. We knew if it were not His will, we could be digging a hole for ourselves.

Those along with other reasons caused us to go back and forth listing pros and cons, praying and rationalizing, seeking wise counsel, praying and figuring. Well, last Sunday, we asked our Sunday School class to pray with us. That Monday, the owner came to talk to us again and urge us to buy. Honestly, I was getting frustrated. I had no qualms waiting on the Lord to tell us what He wanted for us, but I needed this man to be willing to wait too! A few more days went by, and George came in from working on the farm. He said, "Well, I called "Joe" and told him that we were in no shape to buy that farm, land contract or otherwise." Shew! ~ my audible sigh of relief~

We are at peace about this, and we know peace can only come from our Lord. I am so thankful just to have the decision made. We are so blessed with what we have and if the Lord wants us to have more, He will provide. But, lets hope that's somewhere on down the line. I am content for now to stay in the boat we're in now.

The other major way that the Lord has revealed Himself to me this week is through an addiction of mine. I love pop. Pepsi, Coke, Dr. it! I have struggled with this forever. And, now that I am nearly 32, it really shows. On my hips, my belly, my butt....everywhere. I know there are other things that I need to cut back on or eliminate, but pop is the hardest. I seriously believe I am addicted. I think about it. I crave it. Any time I have tried to quit drinking pop or cut back, I have not succeeded. On Wednesday, I was really thinking about this, and praying. The Lord revealed that He could give me the ability to flee that temptation just like any other that I may face. I have not had any pop since Wednesday. That is even hard for me to believe. Yesterday and this morning were the hardest. Last night, we had a birthday party for our nephew. It is easy to talk yourself into giving in on special occasions, but I made it through. Then, this morning, Chase and I went to McDonald's on our way to church. There is nothing I like better than a fountain coke to go with my sausage biscuit. Thank the Lord, He gave me the strength to order water. I know I will battle this temptation for a long time, but I am so thankful for where He has brought me so far. I couldn't do it without Him.

Thank you Lord for all the ways You have revealed Yourself to me this week! I love You!

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