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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Not Overwork But Overflow"

Friday was my Mom's last day of work. She is now officially retired, and we are all so thankful! The following is from "Streams in the Desert." It was Friday's entry.

Straining and striving does not accomplish the work God gives us to
do. Only God Himself, who always works without stress and strain and Who
never overworks, can do the work He assigns to His children. When we
restfully trust Him to do it, the work will be completed and will be done
well. And the way to let Him do His work through us is to fully abide in
Christ by faith that He fills us to overflowing.

A man who learned this secret once said, "I came to Jesus and drank, and I
believe I will never be thirsty again. My life's motto has become 'Not
overwork but overflow,' and it has already made all the difference in my

There is no straining effort in an overflowing life, and it is quietly
irresistible. It is the normal life of omnipotent and ceaseless
accomplishment into which Christ invites each of us to enter-today and always.
(from Sunday School Times)

Be all at rest, my soul, O blessed secret,

Of the true life that glorifies the Lord:

Not always does the busiest soul best serve Him,

But he that rests upon His faithful Word.

Be all at rest, let not your heart be rippled,

For tiny wavelets mar the image fair,

Which the still pool reflects of heaven's glory-

And thus the image He would have you bear.

Be all at rest, my soul, for rest is service,

To the still heart God does His secrets tell;

Thus will you learn to wait, and watch, and labor,

Strengthened to bear, since Christ in you does dwell.

For what is service but the life of Jesus,

Lived through a vessel of earth's fragile clay,

Loving and giving and poured forth for others,

A living sacrifice from day to day.

Be all at rest, so then you'll be an answer

To those who question, "Who is God and where?"

For God is rest, and where He dwells is stillness,

And they who dwell in Him, His rest will share.

And what will meet the deep unrest around you,

But the calm peace of God that filled His breast?

For still a living Voice calls to the weary,

From Him who said, "Come unto Me and rest."

~Freda Hanbury Allen

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