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Monday, February 28, 2011

Gotta Have It-Well, I used to.

Tomorrow will make 6 months since I've had a drink of pop. That may not sound like much, but trust me, it is. For me anyway. I have loved pop-or soda-since I can remember. We used to get Pepsi in a 4 or 6 pack of what I think were 16 oz bottles. Once we'd emptied all the bottles, we returned those to the store when we purchased our next pack.

Then there was the fact that my Papaw worked for Pepsi. Of course we had to show our support by drinking the stuff. One time I remember going to see my grandparents when a new version of Pepsi came out, and trying it there for the first time.

When I would spend the night with one of my friends growing up, we'd grab a two liter and some cups and ice and spend the night downing Pepsi, giggling and talking about everything under the sun.

At one point, I quit drinking caffeine, so I mostly drank Sprite, but I would have the occasional Caffeine-Free Pepsi. Ahhhh! Tastes just as good as the caffeinated stuff. Of course, I didn't limit myself to Pepsi alone. I've had more of my fair share of Coke, and who doesn't love Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew and Root Beer?

Unfortunately, my love affair with these carbonated beverages has ended. Now, those little bubbles and that layer of foam are nothing but a memory. I will admit there are days when I enter a convenience store and stare longingly at the coolers lining the back wall. But, for the most part, it is just the memory of the taste that drives me to do so, not a craving.

I am thankful that I've made it a whole six months without a drink-of the right stuff, baby-not the hard stuff. I don't touch that other stuff. Anyway, as always, God gets the glory, cause I'm tellin' ya, I was addicted. I drank Pepsi or Coca~Cola day in and day out. I never tired of the stuff and savored every sip. Why did I quit? It was an addiction, something that consumed my thoughts. And, it wasn't too good for my kidneys, my waist line or those pearly whites. So, all in all it was just better to try to go without.

Just for yucks and giggles, here are a few videos of old Pepsi commercials............Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home is Where the Heart Is

At the end of January (Jan. 26Th), my dad had surgery to remove his gallbladder. He was in a lot of pain leading up to the surgery, and actually had to have it removed earlier than the set date of surgery. After 6 days in the hospital, he finally got to come home. Praise the Lord!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have had my fair share of surgeries. I didn't want to be one of those aggravating people who thought they knew all the aspects of surgery and advise my dad to death, but I wanted to help. I tried offering suggestions, or at least preparing him for certain aspects, and he still wants me around, so hopefully I didn't act like a know-it-all.

He seems to be recovering well, and is seeing an improvement daily. Again, thanks to the Lord.

While all of this was going on, I wanted to be with my parents the entire time. Certain responsibilities and snowy weather prevented some of that, but I was able to at least visit him in the hospital every day he was there, even if only an hour or two, and I was with them when he was discharged.

I love my parents, and I really enjoy being with them, but when there is something out of the norm going on, I absolutely hate to leave them. The rest of the world can wait. I literally have o force myself to go do what needs to be done and leave their company. Many of the evenings, I left so I would make it home before dark. I did that for them, not for me. I would've stayed. In fact, I considered spending the night with them, but I knew that would've probably been going overboard. If I let loose, I would have full-blown OCD, and I am not making fun of those that do. That is just the simple truth.

I think it was the day after dad came home, I called to check on him. We were talking about how it is when someone you love is in the hospital or sick, etc. My dad said that in recent years, he had truly learned the meaning of the phrase, "home is where the heart is." He recalled one of my hospital stays, and how he and mom wanted to be with me. That was how I felt while he was in there. I know they're all grown up, and that I am their daughter, not visa versa, but I still would wonder, "What if they need me?" Thankfully, I have a greater-than-great husband who understands and had no complaints.

It is true though. Wherever our heart is, that is where we long to be. Kind of like that longing that is in all of us. Sometimes, it comes out in an appetite for material things, a drive for success, many failed relationships, the 'need' to make more money. However it surfaces, it all stems from the same thing. We are all longing for home. We are all longing for Jesus. Even once we have Him in our hearts, the longing is only pacified. Our true heart's desire is embedded in us to be with our Creator. We will never be satisfied until we are home. Until that time comes, we need to spend every moment we can with our Father. We need to ask ourselves, "What if He needs me?" We need to be ready and willing to do what He asks of us. And, we need to do it because we love Him, and all else pales in comparison.