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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Miscellaneous Musings

It has been quite awhile since my last post.  It seems like once this year started, I had to run to keep up-or to try to keep up.  Ladies Bible Study started back up the first Monday in February, and my days have been full trying to prepare for each week's lesson.  I am also staring in the face of a rather long to-do list.  The projects I have planned seem to be endless.  Thankfully, I have at least started some of them, and there may be one or two that I've actually finished. 

There are so many other things going on inside me.  The devil has been on my case this 2012.  I seem to go from one spiritual battle to the next, with no down time.  I am somewhat thankful for that.  I must be considered a threat or else things would be smooth sailing.  Lord, I pray that I make you proud!  I am learning new things and that includes some bad things.  I am learning how to face those bad things and hopefully heal.  I want to be healed.  My heart has some open wounds that seem to never want to scab over.  If they do, it's not for long. 

On a better note, UK is once again the NCAA Basketball Champs!  WooHoo!  I am happy about that!  That was such a highlight to some otherwise, less cheerful days.  In the midst of it all, there was an escape from my personal reality to the world of BIG BLUE NATION where fans unite for the BLUE & the WHITE.  Where Anthony Davis is the "long arm" of the law and Terrence Jones gives his mean, tough, almost an "that's what I'm talkin bout Willis" face after he slams one home.  Where senior Darius Miller takes the floor and and thus defines "Miller time."  It's like watching a really great movie.  Each player is a character, and then there is Coach Cal who adds the comedy as he yells, gestures, jumps and pretty much dances along the sidelines.  As long as he does it all within the coach's box, it's all good.

Chase is now taller than his dad, and maturing more every day.  Where has the time gone?  When I look at that child I realize just how quickly this life flies by.  Like James says, our life is but a vapor. 

This Sunday is Easter.  My favorite service/holiday/time-of-the-year.  I feel so peaceful yet in such anticipation for Easter.  I think that is a true reflection of my Savior.  I am thrilled at the thoughts of my living Lord, saddened that He took on my shame and died for me, ecstatic that He died for me so that I might live with Him, giddy over a new dress and all the accessories, anxious to see what the Sunday service will hold, eager to celebrate what it all means-for the world and for myself as an individual. 

Easter to me is not just one Sunday morning with a brand new, floral patterned dress and matching earrings.  As I see the trees begin to bud and bloom and I smell the sweet fragrance in the air, it's all Easter.  It is all symbolic of Easter.  From the dead of Winter comes new life.  The fragrance in the air can resemble that of the fragrances used on the body of Christ.  Then, one morning, you wake up, and it seems as if all the earth is bursting with life again.  The trees that were gradually greening back up are fully back to life.  That reminds me of what it feels like when you finally accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  Suddenly, you are alive, radiating with color, drinking in the Son. 

Tomorrow I will go and help decorate for the Easter Egg Hunt.  I never really got the relation to eggs and Easter?  But, I will make one up.  The egg could represent the tomb, and the candy the prize inside.  Or, if they're real eggs, you think about that little chick breaking out to new life.  I have a friend that raises chickens.  He told me about how they need warmth to "come to life."  That even if the hen leaves her nest and a chick that hasn't fully hatched, as long as you can keep that baby warm, it will usually survive.  Once, when he was a kid, he found a chick that hadn't hatched all the way, and thought it was dead.  He threw the egg over the hill.  Once the sun came out, that little chick sprang to life with the warmth of the sun.  See where I'm going?  We just need the warmth of the Son to bring us to life.

Speaking of new life, we have seven new calves so far.  I would like to share their names, and the reason behind them.  First, we had a girl, West Liberty.  She was born the night that the tornado hit a neighboring town, West Liberty, and basically destroyed it.  So, she was named that to honor those effected.  Second, we had a bull calf, George Edward.  George Edward is my father-in-law's name.  On the day that the calf-who we call Jed for short-was born, his momma ended up rolling him into the creek as she tried to lick him clean.  Well, my husband and his dad attempted to get the calf out of the creek so that the lower temps of the night wouldn't kill it.  Amidst their efforts to save the calf, they faced a good, momma cow who was fighting for the same cause.  In her effort to protect her baby, she charged my father-in-law and knocked him flat into the creek.  That was a whole fiasco of its own that I may write about at another time.  So, needless to say, we named the calf after him.  It was the least we could do, considering.

Third.  I believe the third one was Lehigh.  If you are a basketball fan and watched the tournament, you will know that Duke was beaten out by a little no-name team, Lehigh.  Since 1992, UK fans all over the Bluegrass see the name Duke and their eyes squint with ferocity as flames of indignation heat their face.  If we see the name written down anywhere, we can't help but do this:  DUKE.  So, Lehigh was named in honor of Duke's defeater.  Haha!

Next, we have Brutus Patrick.  By this time, I am finding the name-game somewhat challenging.  So, the naming of this bull calf falls to my parents.  Since he was born close to the Ides of March and St. Patty's Day, he is thus named:  Brutus Patrick.

Another girl was born after that, and she was born...I believe it was the night UK beat Baylor, but I'm not certain.  Since Big Blue was reigning, my Mamaw suggested we name our latest addition, Little Blue.  So, Lil' Blue she is.

All of the calves up to this point are black, with the exception of Liberty, who is more of a deep brown.  The next calf was a black motley-face.  That means her face is white with black markings.  The naming of that one fell to our precious niece, Dara Mae.  Dara will be 7 in July, and her idea was to name it Carson if it was a boy, and Dara if it was a girl.  So, it being a heifer calf, we went with Dara.

This past weekend, we had Easter dinner with George's family.  In the midst of all that, number 7 was born.  One of George's cousins was there with his little girl, and we asked her if she would like to name this one.  She was so excited!  After studying on it a little while, she chose "Hershey."  Quite appropriate, don't ya think?

So, this random post in now going to end rather randomly.  Because that's all I got and because I'm hungry.  I think it was the mentioning of Hershey (the candy, not the cow) that made me realize I needed some breakfast.  So, off I go.