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Thursday, August 26, 2010

In the Write Mood

I am really in the mood to write lately, but I'm not sure I know what to say. I occasionally take these spells where I could sit down with pen and paper and possibly fill a notebook. You know the stationery section of a store is one of my favorites, if not my most favorite. I can always spend a dollar or two on a new notebook or folder. When I was little, and my parents or grandparents took us with them to the store, my item of choice was always one of those little notebooks that has the spiral across the top. They usually had them for boys and girls with various pictures on the front, ranging from Barbie and Care Bears to Batman and Transformers. There were also ones that would have flowers or kittens or something on them.

Now, when I visit the Dollar Tree, I usually end up spending about $10 in the aisle with memo pads and grocery-list pads. I have packages of index cards that I have never opened, but just had to buy. Why would I need index cards? Oh well, if you need to borrow some, you know who's got 'em! I have the multi-colored ones too.

I am more faithful in the pen department. I find one type of pen that I like, and I stick with it. I have used the basic papermate pens forever. I love the way they write. The idea of a different writing surface is more inspiring, but the pen has to be one I can depend on.

I have little pads in various places throughout the house. You never know when you may need to jot down a to-do item, or something that you don't want to forget at the store, a phone number or email address. Honestly, if you ever doubt what to get me as a gift-which as anyone who knows me knows is absolutely unnecessary-anything related to paper, notebooks, memo pads, folders, blank cards, file folders, etc. I love 'em all!

I also like to type-which I consider writing. I will sometimes open Word and type to my heart's desire. The things that I truly love about the technological progress I've witnessed in my lifetime are email, blogging and a little texting. I am not a fan of talking so much, but I don't care at all to drop you a line. Although these forms of writing are very useful and ones that tend to satisfy me to some extent, I will always love the movement of the pen strokes across the page as that blank piece of paper transforms into a lovely poem, a heartfelt letter, a crucial list, or simple brainstorming.

I guess this means I could never go completely green?


  1. I guess index cards are pretty useless to most but they are just the NEATEST things aren't they! Oh well, IF you do need them - ya got'em:)


  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog! And I'm right there with you as to notebooks and pens. I love the smell of new paper, and the possibilities. And then there's books... Someday I really want to buy a vintage typewriter that still works, and an old fountain pen. I think it would be so inspiring!

    :) Michelle