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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Load 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out

What do you get when you cross the smell of coffee, cigarette smoke and cow manure?

The stockyard.

When I started dating George, I not only fell in love with him, but I also developed a love for cattle and everything associated with them. I think they are beautiful animals. The cows are usually excellent mothers. Some of them are just as skittish as the others are pets. The calves are always adorable and full of life. I just love watching them and learning about them.

Yesterday, George and I had to take 2 cows and a bull off to the market. I absolutely love going to the market. Honestly, it does stink, and it is very loud. (Imagine hundreds of cattle bawling at the same time.) All the same, it is energizing to me. If George and I have a day where we want to go loafing, quite a few times we've just drove to the stockyards to watch them sell.

My favorite part is walking around on the catwalk that hovers over the pens with the cows in them. They are separated out by seller, and then new owner. There are four or five workers on horses riding through the lot running the cattle into their correct pen. That is my dream job. And, I truly mean a dream. That is not a job I would really work to obtain. I wouldn't do training and actually apply. I just mean, it is something that I dream about doing but know will never happen, and that is the best part of the dream.

Anyway, we didn't get to stay long, but we did go to my second favorite place, Cracker Barrel, for breakfast. Good ole country cookin for a cowboy and his cowgirl wife.

I love farm life and everything about it. Did I mention how blessed I am?
Thank you, Lord.


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