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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I always think my dad should already know what he means to me. We are very close. We are friends. We are also so much alike. You know, though....everyone needs to be reminded of how much they mean to you. It's not really something you say one time, and then that stands. So, Dad, I love you!

Lets see....I love that you "get" some of the things about me that I can't really even explain. It is so wonderful to have a sense of camaraderie with you. I guess it makes me feel like I always have someone in my corner.

I love your passion. You do things in an "all-or-nothing" sort of way. I inherited that one. If it is something you love, or are depended on for, you put your whole self into it. You get excited (or angry) when you talk about it. Passionate.

I love your sense of humor. You are very clever and witty. I have often wondered how you could come up with things so quickly. I get your humor, and you make me laugh.

I love how you love me. I feel like you really love me and cherish me. I hope I make you feel the same way.

I love how you treat my momma. I think it is so special how you protect her and take care of her. I am thankful that you also know you are blessed to have her. (As is she to have you.)

How do I love thee....let me count the ways.....actually....there is a lot I love about you, but it is hard to come up with a list when I sit down and try to do it. But, that reminds me of another one! HA! I love your honesty. I can take whatever you say at face-value. I don't have to wonder what you "really meant by that."

I am thankful that I can count on you. Whether I need to confide in you, call for your advice, or have you send money (haha!), be somewhere at a certain time, help me in any way....I know you've got my back. You are very loyal and dedicated.

I am thankful that you set the example of a godly husband and father so I knew what to look for in a mate.

You're the best dad! If I think of something else....I'll tell ya later.


Sorry. I just had to do that.

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