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Friday, June 18, 2010


I can't believe it is already mid-June. The days just fly by so fast. I wish that I could make every day count and do something important every day. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case. I guess it is those simple things that really make life worthwhile, but we don't take enough time for those things.

For example, my garden....all Winter I dream about my garden and what I will plant. Will I try a different type of corn? Will I plant things in the same places of the garden? Will we use the same fertilizer? What will I can, and what will I freeze? Then, Summer comes and it is too hot to get out there and really enjoy that small space of ground that brings forth such bounty. I like to work out there when it is threatening to rain, and there is the occasional sprinkle. Sure, I don't really like my clothes sticking to me once the rain has soaked in, but it is better than being sticky from sweat.

Another treasure of Summer is the front porch I begged for my husband to build. We dream of breezy days sitting out there sipping sweet tea, lemonade or Pepsi. Then when the days of Summer finally arrive, we only stop to sit out there after we've mowed and need a seat out of the sun. I do like to mow. There are times when the heat seems unbearable, but I love the look of a freshly mowed yard. The only thing better is the smell. I love the smell of that fresh cut grass. It is almost as good as the Summer smell of mixed sun-screen and chlorine.

Of course the fact that Summer leads to Fall would have to be my favorite thing about this current season. There is something I love about every season. I am truly thankful that I live somewhere where I can experience these vast differences in temperatures and scenery. Fall is definitely my favorite season of all. The smells of Fall are enough to ignite you senses, but when you combine that with those beautiful saturated colors and the perfect temperatures.....ahhhhh!!!

Well, technically, it is still Spring. On Monday, it will be Summer. Officially. Some of the other things I like about this season would be: hay, the cutting of it, the smell, seeing those huge round bales out in the pasture; Chase, he gets to stay a week at a time, and that is so wonderful; badminton, woohooo! probably my favorite game; the pool, I am a true fan of that concrete pond; long days, this makes it seem less like life is passing you by so quickly plus you can accomplish more.

I'm sure there are other things I could think of two would be garden tomatoes and corn on the cob. I am just thankful. I am thankful for whatever season, whatever day. I am so blessed every day of my life. God is so gracious. What a wonderful Creator to make all of this, and then make us to enjoy it. Thank you Lord!

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