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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clear As Mud

Do you ever have those moments where something just clicks? You have pondered and deliberated, hashed and rehashed, analyzed and over analyzed. Then, there it is. Staring you right in the face. As my husband says, "If it'd been a snake it'd bit ya."


Following clarity is usually giddiness that then sets the plan in motion. If you are analytical, rational, logical, methodical, prudent and intentional-like myself-relief washes over you to now see a possible resolve for what was such an entanglement of open-ended equations. I think we all feel a bit like Einstein must have felt when he worked out the equation of relativity, only ours likely pales in how it will impact the entire world. Chances are, these problems that we face only impact us. We are the only ones who care how they pan out. We are the only ones who have spent sleepless nights working this through at many different angles. We've even prayed. Possibly sought advice. Confided in another.

Once we have that light bulb moment, hope follows. We have something to work toward. I think of Border Collies. Border Collies have to have something to do. They are workers. They will herd children or pineapples, sticks or shoes. If they are not put to work-as God designed them-to herd sheep or cattle, they will find something to do. They take pleasure in being needed and being useful. They love to aid in working through a situation.

Sometimes, we know that those light bulb moments, whatever form they come in, are revelations from God. We do not actually have to have experiences like that of John in order to have a revelation. God uses the most obvious and the least expected ways to show us HIM. Tonight, I had a little of both.

We are currently in revival at church. So, the Lord is showing me things that I have been anticipating. I do not mean they are things that I thought they'd be. I mean that at the times I am in the actual service, I am anticipating to hear from God. But, God isn't confined to a box. God isn't confined to the walls of a church. God is not confined to the pages of the Bible-although that is one remarkable, certain place to find Him.

If we open ourselves. If we live in anticipation of meeting with God. He will surely make Himself known. Seek and ye shall find.

After church, I talked with my best friend, Alicia. It is truly a treasure to have a "Best Friend." But for myself, and Alicia, we feel it is more precious than rubies. Both of us have been hurt, misunderstood, taken advantage of, expected to be someone we're not, accused while innocent. We came to our friendship broken, untrusting, skittish, awkward and scared. God has mended our hearts through the gift of these similarities as well as some of our more positive similarities. We have joined hearts. As Anne would say, we are kindred spirits.

My friend always treads carefully when offering advice. She doesn't want to hurt me, but more importantly than that, she wants to guide me in a way that honors the Lord. She helped me tonight. She was used of the Lord to open my eyes to something that He wanted me to see.




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  1. What can I say? We are 'soul sisters'! God's gift of our friendship is indeed a precious blessing.