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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Church, Basketball & Sunshine

Just a warning, this will probably be very random.

As I type this, I am watching the UK game. Well, sort of watching. It makes me nervous to pay to much attention to it. If I hear the crowd get loud, one of the announcers actually say something worthwhile, or a buzzer sounds, then I will look up at the TV to see what's happening. Otherwise, I occasionally glance at the score to make sure we're still ahead. If we get behind, I may have to turn the TV off all together or just change the channel and then check the final score later on.

I don't think any other sports fans in any other state feel the pressure like Kentuckians. I think in some way, we think they need us in order to play. Notice I even said "to make sure We're ahead." We think that's OUR team and we depend on them, but somewhere down inside, we believe the feeling is mutual. It is, what am I saying. Have you ever been to Rupp!?! The only feeling that tops being in Rupp Arena is the moving of the Holy Spirit. I don't care if your married or you've had babies, for most of us Kentuckians there is one game that was the happiest moment of our life, and one-involving another blue & white team-that was the worst moment of our life. We can relate most events in our life to how it fell in relation to basketball season, how far KY made it through the NCAA tourney that year, and a certain player or players that stole our hearts that season.

An example would be: I relate my childhood to the Kenny "Sky" Walker years. Middle School was John, Sean, Richie and Deron. Then there were those depressing-what was that coach's name?-years.

Any Kentuckian, no matter their design style will proudly display a poster of the cats with that season's schedule in the same room as Monet or Van Gogh. We see royal blue, and know the correct name for that color is "Kentucky Blue." We all own something in that particular shade, whether it be a t-shirt, hoodie, garden flag or the collar on our dog. It's just sacred here. By the way......they're up by 14 right now. Shew! Nerves, nerves!

Another highlight to this day, other than the game, is watching it with the windows open. As you know, most of basketball season is spent with the heater on, so the combination of Kentucky Blue on the TV, and Robin's Egg Blue in the sky are very pleasant. It makes for an anything-but-blue day. Thank God for the sunshine after the rain! The river's are still high after steady rains most of the last couple weeks, but today is a wonderful, much needed break.

This morning, I had the privilege of going out to church to take part in training for a new ministry. If sunshine and basketball don't make you feel good, being around your brothers and sisters-in-Christ certainly will. I was pretty anxious when I went this morning. I was asked to participate in this ministry, and I have felt inadequate ever since. I know it is not one that will make use of any spiritual talents that I may have been blessed with, but one where I will rely solely on the Lord. I guess that's the only reason why I knew I should accept the invitation to do this. I am not capable or equipped, so hopefully I won't let my pride get in the way. Hopefully I won't go into this thinking "I can do this." But, will be assured that I most certainly cannot, and only HE can. I hope that He will use me.

So, that is my Saturday. It's half time, and we're up! WooHoo! Gonna go try to catch my breath before the second half starts and I have to find something else to distract me while my boys play their hearts out.


  1. WE won!!!!!!!!!!! C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats!!!!
    (72-58) Two guys hurt though. :(

  2. SEC champs, Baby!
    (in my best Dicky V. voice)