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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Need a Break! Oh yeah, I Just Had a 6 Week One!

It has been 6+ weeks since my surgery, and I think I've fallen into the habit of not doing anything. It is so nice sometimes to just do what ya want. This week could be my Spring Break, or I could consider St. Patty's day a REAL holiday for me. There are a number of excuses I'm sure I could come up with. Oh! I know one!! UK plays tomorrow so I am resting up for all the excitement! Hey! That may actually be the truth. Haha!

So, this has been an eventful time lately. There's a lot going on. Alicia and I have been able to actually do a lot of things together, whereas before we only saw one another once a month, if that. My cousin, Jo, has been in and out of the hospital with ovarian cysts. My cousin, Jackie, has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and will have her thyroid removed on the 29th. My bubby and sis n law bought a house, and continue to have nightmares about painting. UK won the SEC tourney, and is now in the NCAA tourney. The weather is getting progressively better, and for the first time that I can remember, I forgot to Spring Forward! George caught it that morning though, and we actually made it to church on time.

I am thankful to be released, but really, this time of recovery was so much better than the last. I am so blessed. I am feeling energized with the news of resuming normal activity, and the 60 degree temps outside. I want to go for a long walk around the farm, or clean out the barn, or at least get up and do the dishes!

Hmmmm, that's about all I got today. The Lord is good. I am beyond blessed.............

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